Support for Microsoft Surface as a POS terminal?

Support for Microsoft Surface as a POS terminal?

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Hello, hoping someone here might have some suggestions for me!


I'm looking to launch my own store within the next few months, and most likely the only time I'll be doing any in-person retail will be at events and popups. I don't have a need for a full brick and mortar setup, but I also want something more substantial than the small Shopify Go handheld.


I have a Microsoft Surface Go 2 running Windows 8.1 that I figured might work well as a nice portable POS station, except I can't seem to actually run Shopify POS on it. It's android/iOS only.  I really don't want to have to drop money on a whole new iPad when I've got a perfectly functional tablet already, so what can I do? Has anyone tried the different POS apps? Is inventory management still pretty easy when using a thirdparty POS? 




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No experience of third-party POS apps, but we just hopped onto eBay and got a refurbished iPad Air Gen 2 for around GBP/USD125. Works fine and was preferable (for us) to have a dedicated device for POS use. An iPad Mini Gen 4 would be around the same cost - an Android tablet probably even less.


List of compatible devices here:

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You could try running an android emulator on your Surface and running the android version of POS. I've used Bluestacks emulate android and run the POS app on my workstation. There are a lot of different Android emulators that might also work. Bluestacks seems very focused on running android games on PCs. Shopify support might also blame any issues, you might encounter on the emulator, meaning you'd have to reproduce the issue on another device before they will act on them.