Tap & Chip Reader Constantly Disconnects

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we have been using Shopify for approximately two months switching from another POS system.  we have already already had to replace one card reader because the chip function stopped working completely.  Every day in between transactions just disconnects for absolutely no reason saying wake card reader, even though it was just awake for the previous transaction two minutes ago??? I have read many forums regarding this question all the way back to 2019 and still wonder why this is such an issue in 2024?  Does anybody have a resolution to this before we move POS systems again this is a total nightmare, embarrassing and not what we’re paying for. 

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We have the same issue and have been dealing with it since 2020. I'm curious what the response from Shopify is as well.

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We have the same issue and we call it the ghost. Sometimes it is because of how the card on the last transaction was inserted, but that is not always true. The newer reader POS GO does not seem to have this issue.