Tap and Chip Reader flaw, randomly goes to sleep while taking payment and won't wake up

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So I've found an issue with the Tap and Chip reader, which has caused me lost business already.


The tap and chip reader will be working fine. I'll be taking a payment before this issue just fine. Then moments later, another purchase. I take the card, I don't know if its just a specific persons card or maybe its because it is inserted the wrong way, with the chip facing outside of the reader by accident - but for whatever reason the tap and chip reader will then all of a sudden ask you to 'wake up the card reader' in yellow text. It prevents you from going further, as it acts like its shut off. You go into the settings on the POS app and it says its connected. So you press the blue button, but nothing happens. Hold the button in and it flashes the 4 bars once, then shuts off. It doesn't even go into pairing mode if you hold the button in long enough.


It's basically in a 'broken state' until you 'forget' it from the POS app. Turn off the app. Turn the app back on, then pair the tap and chip reader with your phone again, to get it to function again.


I don't know why this is exactly happening, but its happened 4 times now and its cost me business.


There better be some quick firmware updates coming out to fix these bugs, because these things are terrible.


I should also note that if you just tap your card on the tap and chip reader, it doesn't even collect customers information such as their name, like it does when you insert their card. How did that pass QA?


You know what works best? My old Shopify card reader from 2015 that plugged into the phone jack. Those things still work to this day, like a charm. Such a sad state of affairs these things are not tested properly before coming out. I also had to wait a year to get them by the way.

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Same! We're on our third tap and chip reader and they've all been TERRIBLE. We've contacted support and run through the same protocols repeatedly -- yes, all our settings are correct, yes, all the apps are updated -- and get nowhere. The only "fix" is to turn off the Bluetooth to the iPad and shut it down for a few minutes, then run through the pairing process again. As a small shop with only one POS, this is impractical. The number of transactions we've had to enter manually (and pay a higher processing fee for) is growing daily. A quick search of the support forums makes it clear that lots of stores have been experiencing this issue. We're looking at other options because @Shopify isn't reliable enough for us to trust and they're charging us higher rates for the privilege. Infuriating!

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Same! We have been very patient with trying and re-trying to connect the chip reader to our system. This has been a daily occurrence now. We have also bought 3. I am also concerned about the newer credit cards we have started to see that only have a chip and do not have a number imprinted on the card which makes it impossible to manually enter it. I have also contacted customer service to be told to direct any new bugs to a specific person and he will handle the report ?? I'm very concerned about the upcoming holiday season. We have found one way around the problem is to send the customer their cart from the POS checkout and have them process via their phone. SO frustrated too! 


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We are having the EXACT same issues - have called Shopify several times and they’ve replaced my card reader and tried to recommend work arounds and nothing works. We have to manually enter card info all the time. Shopify acts like this is just my issue every time I call…

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We are in the same boat. We've now received our second replacement and the same same same frustratingly same disconnection keeps happening. Sometimes we have to 'forget device', sometimes we take it manually, sometimes it just is stuck in process land. WHY CAN'T this be fixed? So frustrated. 

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Same issue with us too. Will go into sleep mode between checking customers out. This causes a major inconvenience and we are very concerned about this happening during our busy Holiday Season.

Please let us know if there is an update that will remedy this situation.

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We are also having this problem. We are heading into our busiest event of the year and I am dreading this happening. Anyone made any progress with this issue?

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We have been having these exact same issues all year long! Support is really no help. Looks like we are all still waiting for them to eventually do something!!