Tap and Chip readers (two of them) were not connecting

Tap and Chip readers (two of them) were not connecting

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Hi, I was at a busy show this past weekend, and all of Saturday, neither one of my two readers would connect and allow payments to go through. I had an average of 1 transaction every 4 minutes and really didn't have time between customers to keep trying all of the steps to reconnect (although I certainly tried MANY times when I had a free moment to try). The blue dots would just keep flashing across the reader all day, taunting me. I ended up taking all cash and transfer payments because it.

When I initially set up on Sunday the same issue was happening, and then 4 minutes into the show, it finally started working and worked perfectly all day. I always have it set up at my home-based business as well for customers that prefer to pay when they pick up, and haven't had any issues.

I have another show in November which will be just as, if not more busy, and I want to ensure that this does not happen again. Any ideas of what was going wrong?

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It sounds like a connectivity issue where the reader is staying in pairing mode, which could be due to having more than one reader connected to one device or having had both readers connected to both devices. A few questions: 

  • Are you trying to connect both readers to one device at the same time, or do you have two separate devices?
  • If two separate devices, have you connected the readers to both devices?


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