Tax transaction fees now charged for EVERY in person order.

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I have two brick and mortar stores where I use the Shopify pos. My web sales are minimal. I was shocked to see the tax transaction fee applied to every in person sale on my POS. They charged me $104 in addition to my regular subscriptions for the luxury of “calculating” the SAME tax rate on EVERY transaction that goes through my brick and mortar.  Over the year this will total around $3k in additional fees when the tax rate is STATIC for these brick and mortars. I’m so so angry. 

Shopify. You’re losing me as a POS customer REAL FAST.  

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With the constant removal of essential and invaluable features like PRICE OVERRIDE and SAVE CART and the introduction of NaD's (Nickel and dime's) features, LIKE THIS, I am becoming more and more convince of SHOPIFY's determination to extinguish their B&M POS leg of business.  They haven't got the head, engineers, or soul for the Customer Support that retail sales requires and i think they are simply and intentionally featuring Business owners out of their fields.

We are already looking at an alternative bc we believe in another year, the POS app will be unusable.  This is obviously not sustainable for a B&M outfit as we rely on consistency, and swift, productive CS response when we take the time to provide genuine feedback. SHOPIFY simply does. not. care.