The All New Shopify - Credit Card Integration issue

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We have recently been notified that Shopify would like us to move our POS to the "All New Shopify".  Our shop is in Canada and currently utilize a Moneris CC terminal and we are being told that the All New Shopify will not support the Moneris terminal as an integrated terminal.  Their suggestion is that we move to the hardware provided by Shopify.  When asked how a customer is supposed to enter their pin number they would do so on the POS.  So we would be turning our POS system over to a customer?  We can't even begin to imagine how clumsy that would be not to mention we really don't want anyone touching what is our cash register. Perhaps an even bigger problem is the fact we now live in COVID times and there is a plexi-glass partition between our customers and staff and again, we really don't want random customers touching the equipment.

Given the above Shopify advises that we will have to move to a non-integrated payment system which will require that we manually enter all of the information into a credit card machine.  This is a serious step backwards as not only is it time consuming it is an invitation to errors.  We know because that is what we had with our previous system and was one of the reasons we switched to Shopify.  This is not a solution.

So if you are currently using an integrated credit card processor other than Shopify you are about to lose that capability.  If you have a solution to this problem please let us know.



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Thank you for describing this issue so well. I made this unwelcome discovery when they updated my POS without my knowledge and I lost the connection to my Moneris terminal. It took 3 phone calls and an email before they admitted that customers would have to enter their PIN on the POS screen. They seemed completely disconnected from the reality of operating a brick-and-mortar retail location during a pandemic. Now I will need a separate third party payment provider as well as the Shopify card reader. I would also like to hear any solutions. It would also be nice to know that Shopify even cares about brick-and-mortar retailers. Such a thoughtless update.

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This is a problem I am also trying to remedy. We would love to use the new, fully integrated Tap & Chip reader but, like you said, the pin entry process is very clumsy. I can't imagine customers would feel completely comfortable entering their pins on an iPad. We currently have the iPad mounted on an arm, so at each checkout we would have to swing it back and forth. The entire rollout of the new POS and the uncertainty around payment systems has been very frustrating to say the least. 

I noticed that the Shopify Hardware Store in the UK offers the Tap, Chip & Swipe Reader which solves exactly these problems. I wonder if this hardware could be made available to Canadian merchants?

If that's not an option, then we are leaning towards the non-integrated Moneris terminals which is cumbersome. It doesn't feel great paying an extra 89 USD for POS Pro knowing that our checkout will have more friction.

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Hi Josh...I think we are likely going to have to leave Shopify. They
really don't care about their customers and it shows in pretty much
everything they do. I get why they are making this change. They want to
monetize their credit card processing..fair enough....but you would think
they would have thought thru what they were doing. We have a barrier
problem...we are separated by a plexi glass barrier. Our customers
couldn't get to our POS even we wanted them to..which we don't.

We had a non-integrated Moneris system prior to this and we specifically
chose Shopify because it was integrated. Too many errors in manual
inputting and not efficient when you have a line up of customers to deal

I am extremely upset about this as we only came to Shopify last April. It
was a considerable undertaking and not in expensive and they could care
less. I think there has to be better people to do business with.
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We have the same problem here.

The Tap & Chip card reader is not an option as most of our transactions are over the tap limit and handing over the iPad during Covid is simply not possible. Has anyone tried to contact Shopify Help and ask for an extension of the deadline for retiring Shopify Classic. 

We've tried the new POS for a couple of days and the new features are really not worth the $89 a month plus the processing fee difference with Moneris.