Third Party Payment Providers and selling event tickets

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Hi everyone! Is any one out there selling event tickets via Shopify? What has your experience been using an events app and using a third party provider? After 8 months of selling event tickets on my shop (1-2 per month, very little) suddenly I am not longer allowed to do so. Not sure what the best option is from here!

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Hello, AllianceCreative Here. Have you got anywhere selling the events using shopify. I need help too.

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I didn't sell tickets using Shopify, but I did sell posters. This is almost the same because in any case, I then sold the same signs at the concerts of musicians from my city themselves. Basically, I worked together with another guy looking for materials on which we would print posters with groups like local bands in our town. This type of business is quite popular. But in the future, I would like to sell tickets to closed festivals, seasonal events, and private parties. Maybe I'll take an example of this site https://ticketpekin as a basis. Because I often took tickets here myself.