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Tracking sales by vendor in POS

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Good morning. I am opening a small brick and mortar gift shop with a partner. We will each be responsible for purchasing our own wholesale items for sale in the store, although all the financials will flow through me and my bank account. At the end of the month I will pay my partner out for her sales. Is there any easy way I could track this in Shopify? Ie. could I categorize all of our items into two categories that are invisible to the public eye on our website but allow me to run a report at the end of the month of her sales vs. my sales? I know I can get a third party plugin for this but right now we're running at an extremely reduced capacity and don't want to invest in even more than I already am to run things! Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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I would set each of you up as a vendor.  Then load the inventory into the system under you as a vendor.  That's the cleanest way to track inventory without having to do a separate tag or something.