Turning Brick and Mortar into Virtual Reality (VR) Showroom

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Hi, have any merchants tried integrating any sort of VR into their Shopify Store? How was your experience?

If your store's interior helps in selling customers, VR showrooms may be a great addition to an online store.

I'm a developer working on integrating VR showrooms directly into Shopify themes. this allows the VR scene to be edited in the editor used for the rest of the store.

A merchant uploads a 360-degree photo (there's apps to take these on iPhone or Android) and then specifies which products are in the image and where the products are. 

The site user then can enter the VR Showroom to move their phone around like a "magic window" and click on the products to get more information or add them to their cart.

This can allow visitors to get a perspective of your products in a near real world setting. Augmented Reality (imposing a rendering of the product on the phone's camera display) may be better for that goal than VR, but currently augmented reality's ability to do this well is still buggy because computer algorithms need to detect surfaces in real-time.

I have a demo version working and would like to get some Merchants' insights. 

Here is a gif of the demo. I can share the development store as well if anyone is interested in testing it out.

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Shopify Partner
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Hey Bdowling, How is your progress on this? Did you get much take up? I would love to connect, we just launched a VR shop app on the app store and I would love your feedback as a fellow VR lover, check it our here https://apps.shopify.com/unify-virtual-reality-shops?