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Using Shopify analytics for Clover POS sales

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The business I’m working for has Clover. I didn’t know Clover before, I just remember reading that it was a much better POS than Square.

After seeing the dashboard and reports you get from Clover I have a very different opinion. I think Clover is made for small business owners that have no interest/time for marketing. My job is to market this place so Clover is becoming a real problem.


Having a simple report that shows the sales of the day with customer name, phone number and email, items bought, order value and time of purchase is not possible on Clover. It has to be done manually by looking at every customer one by one and noting things manually, it’s really backwards.


I am thinking of transferring the website of the business to Shopify, still using Clover as a POS, but with the Shopify analytics and report capabilities, as well as the vast number of apps available on the Shopify store.


But first, I need to know if Clover POS will give the information necessary for Shopify to run its analytics and reports? Which integration seems to be working for my need?


I’m actually afraid any Clover integration to Shopify will prove to be very clumsy, so real world feedback would help me 👍

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