Using Shopify as contactless ordering in pub?

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I’m currently using Shopify for delivery and pickups etc. Also we have the POS. 
I’d like to be able to allow customers to place orders somehow , by Shopify and we can deliver the orders to their table at our bar?

any ideas?

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With Shopify’s Shopcode app you can generate QR Codes for your store that act like a physical buy button, or you could use them online to direct customers to a product or checkout page. The QR codes you generate with the Shopcodes app doesn't change anything in your Online Store, affect your customers, or change your orders. (combined with a lite plan can let you segment parts of a business.) to develop custom interfaces.


Out of curiosity would you invest in hardware to basically have a locked down POS with card reader at each table?

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Hello @Dirky 


Yes, this is possible with our app Releasit QR Code Generator , the app allows you to generate unique QR Codes that you can then automatically show on your order confirmation emailthank you page and you can also print them automatically on your existing packing slips or invoices.


The way it would work for your specific case is:

1. Configure an Automatic QR Code on the app that, when scanned by you or your team, brings them automatically to the Shopify Admin order page, like this:



2. You will then have to contact us from the app so that we can help you integrate this automatic QR Code on the order confirmation email that your customers receive after their purchase

3. Now your customers can purchase your dishes on your online store and after they complete their purchase they will have your QR Code on their order confirmation email

4. When your customers arrive at your pub they will show your team the QR Code on their email and when your team scans it they will automatically see the Shopify order page so that you can give your customers the dishes they ordered contacless


You can install the app for free from the Shopify App Store here:


Hope this helps, if you have any doubts or questions about this don't hesitate to ask!


Marco from Releasit