Using Stocky - how do you actually do a stocktake using a barcode scanner?

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Is anyone using Stocky and could they explain exactly how to use the barcode scanning part of the stocktake tool?  Do you scan all the products you're stock taking and them press done?  What happens if a product is not scanned, will it be updated to zero? Or is it simply not included and we have to manually go back into Stocky?


Currently you cannot barcode scan by vendor or product type which means for example if we are stocktaking Reef flip flops, the barcode scanning function will only amend scanned products.  If a product is out of stock and yet has a value in Stocky, how does the system pick this up?


In the manual you can select Vendor and the list of products is created so you can see out of stock items.


Thanks in advance



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I would like the answer to this also,   information is poor on the process

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@Shopify can you help us with stocktake info? We only get lucky once in a while when we call in for help and get a rep that actually knows how to use Stocky. I even had one rep tell me they don't offer support for non-shopify apps - the customer service rep didn't even know Stocky IS a shopify product now. Help!

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Same here - I need to know the same