Very confused about POS solution for two users

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I have a very small business that recently expanded to multiple Farmers Markets. During the weekend we operate in two locations at the same time. This is new for us and our first weekend was a mess.. I'll spare the details, but I'm looking for a simple, cost-effective way for two POS users to process transactions at the same time. The physical locations will vary. These are not brick-and-morter stores.

I don't care about inventory, I've simplified our POS offerings to two SKUs. I just need the ability for two people to use Shopify POS at the same time. Is it possible under Shopify standard to add another authorized user (total of me/owner and one other) to accomplish without upgrading? If I have to upgrade to POS pro for two locations, I'll have to find another alternative. 

What are my options? I really love Shopify and wasn't expecting this to be an issue..


Thank you!

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Hi @ChadHoke,


I understand your frustration. Shopify seems had change the staff available to add in Shopify POS.


Your other option with no additional payment but hard to navigate is to open the Shopify Admin in the desktop view and utilize the draft orders. 

If this fixed your issue Likes and Accept as Solution is highly appreciated. Coffee tips fuels my dedication.
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