What are reliable alternatives to the Shopify POS app?

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- I run multiple brick and mortar stores and am planning to move online. I have resorted to moving all our stores to shopify as it provides a vast number of features for online selling.

But the main pain point is the Shopify POS app (very slow) to be used in our offline stores. It lacks in almost any feature I venture into. 

So, I am looking for an alternative app to Shopify POS that is reliable and has all the basic features (sale, exhange, return, discount) and doesn't cost me a fortune.


- Are there any good Shopify POS alternative apps out there that anyone is already using?


- I am also considering ConnectPOS but the trial version is very buggy (stock transfers don't work at all, and my prices are inclusive of tax but the POS app is considering the prices to be exclusive of taxes and there's no way to change it)


- There is also this app called "Sales Terminal POS". Has anyone used it till now ?


Appreciate any help that comes this way, time is running out 🙂

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Hi Udayreddy, 
I am currently dealing with the same issue and wanted to know how you ultimately decided and whether you are satisfied with your decision?

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Hi MisterScraper,


I am currently using Connectpos.

It definitely gets the job done.