What cost-effective label printers pair well with Stocky?

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What are my options for label printers/apps that work WELL with Shopify/Stocky?
We would lie 1x1" labels (or close to this size) that can have detailed information like product name, colour and size variants visible, SKU and Barcode, as well as price (if on sale - would like sale price option as well)
We find DYMO printers to have very expensive labels (more than triple the cost of our old Zebra LP2824+ printer labels) and they hold less information on them. What do you use in your  retail location that is cost effective, easy to use and pairs with Shopify/Stocky? We are in Canada.

Please help!


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Hi @TheBeeandBug 


For printing cost-effective quality labels the best option is to go for Zebra printers.

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I wrote this to someone else, but it applies here as well. If you're using the Retail Barcode App within shopify, you can use whatever printer you want to print barcode labels. As long as that printer shows up as a printer on your device. If you've had a Zebra then I assume you don't use an ipad because I was told Zebras aren't compatible with ipads as per Shopify support. If (for whatever reason) you're not using or refuse to use that app then you must use Dymo or Zebra to print labels. If we had a desktop there's plenty of options on Amazon, but we have an ipad for our POS (like Shopify recommends and supports with most things lmao) so we need a wifi printer to conect to it so it can print from the Retail Barcode app. Dymo, from my understanding, makes you make labels through it's own "label making" software. The app seems faster I imagine. Hope this all helps!

"""""I'm sure you found the answer, but just to anyone else who's looking at the "shopify compatible" label printers for BARCODES. The Dymo can only be used through it's own app software. It must be "setup" via desktop BEFORE you can use it on an ipad! Zebra, their other "shopify compatible" barcode printer doesn't even work with an ipad. They have a "barcode printer" guide written up somewhere, but it states, "If you are using the "Retail Barcode App" you can use any printer that you see fit and will work with w/e device you're using. If you're NOT using the app (for whatever reason) or refuse to, then you MUST use a Shopify supported printer which is only Dymo and Zebra as per that guide. 

This is all from just speaking with their support team. 

There's also a video on youtube uploaded on Aug 2021 by Shopify Support and it states, "Before you can print barcodes you need a compatible shopify label maker" FALSE. They also say you have to download the Retail Barcode app, while that is an option that is also FALSE as it's an OPTION. Whether they care about listing options or not or keeping their information and guides up to date is on them. 

But you do not have to have a shopify compatible only printer. As long as it works with your device (and you're using the Retail Barcode App within shopify) then you can use whatever printer you want.""""""" 

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You can utilize printers that are not compatible with iPad by using a printer utility tool that will send the file from an iPad/iPhone to a laptop or desktop and that printer utility will send it off to the printer as a relay. Not quite ideal but there are not yet a lot of AirPrint compatible printers. 


Here are a few that might work and which we have suggested to clients who are using SKUSavvy Shopify-based WMS. 

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One more thing, if you stick with Dymo, try looking at eBay's prices. Pretty cheap labels for when I was looking at Dymo.