When will Shopify fix all the Summer 22 bugs? POS Issues Galore!

When will Shopify fix all the Summer 22 bugs? POS Issues Galore!

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Rarely do I have applications update and they're worse than the original, but wow! Shopify continues to surprise! The POS Summer 22 update is the worst POS I've had the displeasure of using, when the previous POS version worked just fine. Other product images load under different products, if they even show up at all, resulting in mis-clicks and having to go back in to remove the wrong product and scroll through to find the actual one, ignoring the product images. It's like the IQ game where you have to click Blue but the word is written in red--except this game isn't a game, it's a f*cking service that we pay for, SHOPIFY.


Often I have to completely close out of the app and go back in because it'll time out in the middle of certain payment stages. Nothing to say about that other than it sure isn't a fault of my phone (tested that out!), and it sure never happened before this P.O.S. POS update. 


Maybe just go back to the original version instead of subjecting all of us to this horrible update? Like many others, Summer is my busiest season; so now my customers are having to wait longer as I navigate through this glitchy POS. Like. Did you send all of your programmers home for the summer? This feels like such a horrendous oversight and there's no way you're not getting a monsoon of complaints. Anyone? Hello? Shopify?? It's us! Your paying customers! Please resolve!


Anyway, I would love some clarity on what you guys are doing over there~ Is there any chance we'll see an updated update before Fall? 

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AGREE AGREE AGREE. We have had SO MANY issues. Please Shopify, help! Our sales staff is losing their minds with all of the glitches and I have received no support from Shopify, which is new for me. Usually they are so on top of things! Our tiles aren't loading on our POS devices, wrong products are coming up, variants aren't showing, payments aren't going through, card readers disconnecting, and the list goes on!!