Wholesalers stealing customers money

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Shopify is allowing wholesalers to just take the money, never fulfill the order - with no way to reach the wholesalers.  
my first customer placed their order back in the spring.  It is still “processing” or “being fulfilled” and has been for months.  No way to reach wholesaler, no way to refund customer except from my pocket!  
this whole thing is a ripoff and I swear I cannot wait to see the day Shopify just folds - I hope the CEO ends up in debt to ALL his customers, just like I’ve found myself.  
this should be illegal, but no scams are illegal these days.   Shopify, you are damn lucky I can’t afford a lawyer.  

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It's your job to vet your wholesalers, not Shopify's.


Meanwhile, it's been months, and you haven't fulfilled your order to your customer, so you have ripped them off.


It's not your customer's fault that you chose a dishonest wholesale supplier.