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Why are my orders mysteriously disappearing before fulfillment?

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Hi, I was checking on my orders and I came to know that several orders were missing. A customer reached us and ask about his order but when we searched there was no such order.

Then I realized tons of orders were missing. Let me tell you they were NOT CANCELLED. There is no option to delete any order. They were vanished.

It is happening daily! Daily I check my orders and even before fulfillment they just vanish.

I talked to Shopify support they told me that check if any app is causing this. ( I am using few apps which are used to automatically book the order on the courier company’s portal ). I checked with my developer and he assured me that they are working fine. 
Again I asked Shopify support, they said that orders were not synced properly that’s why they are not showing up. And now they are restoring each order. Now some of the missing orders showed up but they are canceled already. I did not cancel any of the order.

please help me out I am not getting any help from Shopify they just keep saying that we are restoring the orders. I mean what about the loss?

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Did you find any solution?