Why can't I access my dashboard despite being a full paying member?

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I am full paying member US$29.99 a month and as I put in my credentials, I can't get my dashboard. Why? Please answer as soon as possible. 



Katarina M.

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Hi @PuderaSkinCare,


That does seem very odd. Can I ask if you see an error message on the dashboard or if it won't even let you get to the dashboard from the login? If you could share any additional info and a screenshot (please remove any sensitive information if you do) to show me better what you're experiencing it would be greatly appreciated. Once I know more and can see what you do, I'll have a better idea of what might be happening. 


Alternatively if you wanted to contact a member of our support team directly and look through this in real time with one our adviso.... If it doesn't allow you to log in (as you're having log in issues) then you can still get in touch via the "Continue without logging in" button. 

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