Why can't I perform multiple exchanges per transaction in my retail business?

Why can't I perform multiple exchanges per transaction in my retail business?

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Retail Brick and Mortar Business. Paying $168 a month for Service with PRO

Customer purchases multiple items $225

Exchanges $107 for $150 of new items

Today wants to exchanges $15 of item for $94 of new items. Can't do it because of SHOPIFY'S POLICY OF ONE EXCHANGE PER TRANSACTION.

We are a Home Decor business it is very common for customers to take items home and realize the item doesn't work in there home.

Can't do a manual return either!

Beside this is my business and how I choose to run it is up to ME. NOT SHOPIFY.


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I'm just starting out with this POS and I'm also a home decor store. I'm sure I will run into this SAME problem! Can't wait. 

I already have run into not being able to discount one item when a customer is buying multiples of that item. 

Thanks for the heads up! 

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Hi there, @Roostcollection

Ryder here from the Social Care Team at Shopify. Thank you for posting and for bringing this to our attention. I can understand how allowing for only a single return or exchange could result in workflow challenges, and recognize the frustration this has caused you and your business. The only existing workaround at this time is to refund either the original order or the exchange order from your Shopify admin.

That being said, we appreciate and encourage our merchants to provide us with feedback, as this allows us to better understand what your needs are and how we can improve our software to simplify your business operations. Our Feature Request Team reviews all feedback and prioritizes them based on popularity - so the more feedback we receive regarding a particular topic, the higher up it is on our radar to address. If you're interested in submitting your feedback, I'd be happy to pass it along to our developers. I've gone ahead and sent you an email to get this process started.

Hope to hear from you soon!


To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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RYDER, Thanks for the Charlie Brown Teacher Response!

Blah, Blah, Blahhh, Blah, Blahhhhh

I truly do not think anyone at shopify understands this! or it would have been fixed long ago. In coding terms it called removing the limit set on the transaction.

7 months been complaining NO RESPONSE.

I invite the developers to stand behind our register for a day to learn what they are writing. Guaranteed they would change int the next day!

WORKAROUND    n.    A procedure or a temporary fix that bypasses a problem and allows the user to continue working until a better solution can be provided

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YES!  I just want them to try this system for 10 minutes at a busy store and realize how unintuitive it is.  If the system was easy to use, and added new features and functionality to help stores succeed then I would have no problem paying for it.  Unfortunately it's none of  those things.


Has the "customer care" team started telling you to leave shopify and find a different POS if you arent happy with what they offer? Thats the response I get now 😂

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I'm waiting, Oh I'm waiting

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I am so frustrated with Shopify!  Their All New Shopify POS will remove integration between the POS and our Moneris credit card processing.  We are getting the same kind of response from Shopify as everyone else "We appreciate your feedback...blah..blah..blah".  They really do not appreaciate your feedback and they most certainly won't do anything about it.  We are out POS shopping...AGAIN....if anyone has any ideas about a more friendly POS provider that actually cares about their customers...please let me know!