Why can't I view supplier list or add items to inventory through purchase orders?

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Under purchase order, we can add a supplier info. But can’t see or have access to the list of suppliers?

Can't email the PO to anyone.

Then when we receive items on the PO they are not added to inventory, So why create a PO?


This entire section seems to be an experiment on Purchase Orders but the developer has never been in business and doesn't understand purpose of PO's.

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I couldn't agree with you more.  I've been asking for 6 months for the ability to print inventory tags right from the purchase order window.  Nothing.  I'd love to be able to email PO's to vendors.  Nope.  Now there's a bug where i'm not even able to search for an item without clicking the add items box multiple times. Shopify says try Stocky...I can't stand Stocky.

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Hello Wildernest1 & Roostcollection,

I agree with your comments about the purchase orders and just sent you a private message. 

Please check your inbox. 


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