Why does my Shopify POS Tap & Chip keep disconnecting?

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After, getting the Shopify POS hardwares, tap & chip dock, barcode scanner & printer thinking it will be something unique with tap and chip that accepts NFC payments which looks cool. After researching for like 30 mins on google, I found out that their hardwares are not even worth to call garbage. Atleast, garbage is useful sometimes or for someone but not this trash. My tap and chip keeps on disconnecting every 10 minutes if not twice a day since the day I bought it which is been more than 2 months now. I have been paying $90/month and 2.5% for all the transactions I do with their garbage and it seems they don't really care about the quality of the garbage they selling. I bought 3 Tap & chip devices thinking the one i got first is some defect but nope all three came out of same trash factory. I would love to get all my money back that I have paid to Shopify using their garbage. I have used square a lot of times before & they have never given me problem. Fyi I have updated all the apps and IOS and the iPad is newer version of pro. God bless Shopify and it's garbages. Keep Leeching...

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