Why does my Tap and Chip Reader 3689 disconnect my POS app on iPad Air?

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Hello everyone,

I currently have an IPad Air 1st generation that was able to connect to my Tap and Chip Reader 3689 prior to this week. Now, whenever I have the Tap and Chip Reader connected through bluetooth, it automatically shuts off the Shopify POS app on the IPad. Both the IPad Air (1st gen) and Shopify POS are updated. I am unable to update the Tap & Chip Reader (if there even is an update) as I am not able to access the settings page fast enough before it turns closes the app.


Just to re-iterate, the app still remains open in the background, and I am just able to type in my POS account  when the Tap and Chip Reader is connected. Really need this solved as I am unable to use the Shopify POS app to make sales.

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