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Why does my tap & chip reader keep unpairing at my POS?

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We have had the newest tap & chip card reader at our POS for about a month.  From day one, we have had issues with the reader un-pairing necessitating going through a complete re-pairing process.  We also have the dock so when this happens we have to dismantle the dock to pull the reader out in order to get to the power button (who designed this thing anyway?)  We have gone through everything and it's not a matter of bluetooth being disconnected - the device itself is messed up and will no longer connect with the iPad even though bluetooth is enabled and all other bluetooth devices are having no issues.  Lately this is happening to us at least twice a day and causes serious issues for our clerks when there is a line of customers.  We just bought a new iPad (gen 6) to replace the older iPad we were using for the POS, but are having the exact same issues with the reader.  And, yes, we are running the latest version of iOS and the Shopify POS app at all times.

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We are now on our 4th card reader! 4th in just over a year because they can't understand exactly what you're talking about. It's not the hardware because of how buggy it is. Some days it works fine, others it goes to sleep after 5 customers in a row. It's the software. The sleep feature is not a feature for us, it's a mess and will get us to move to another POS.


Another option is selling a tap and chip reader that's actually non-wireless and get rid of the sleep feature all together.


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Well it’s quite painful to see that this has been such a problem for so long. We’re new to Shopify and just spent $300 on these readers and they are doing the same thing. Useless…

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us too ...its awful ...any solution ?


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We’re going through this same crap ourselves with a Sooify Plus customer. I’ve ordered a replacement, waiting for Shopify support to send a replacement still for the unit. It’s horrible and such a disappointment from such a big company we’re partners with. My client is moving from light speed to Shopify pos. All else is fine, except this card reader issue. 

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I have had issues in the past, but I must say that the system has been working amazingly well since they created the feature where you can place the credit card on your iPhone. While I have barely used that feature, the card reader has worked amazingly well. Great job to Shopify on making the card reader work a heck of a lot better. I have barely had a glitch in at least a year.