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Why does my test POS transaction fail to load checkout?

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I am trying to run my first test pos transaction.  After selecting a customer and products, I click the "checkout" button.  I am then redirected to a screen that starts to say "Loading Checkout", but before it completes it redirects to a screen that says "Couldn't load checkout. There was an issue with the cart",  and my only option is the "leave checkout" button.  I cant find any help to guide me regarding what is set up wrong, or could be the problem.  I am in my test period and don't want to waste time on this issue.  Can you please provide me with the correction/s?  Thank you, Rebecca

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I'm having this problem too! Anyone find a solution?

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I’m having the same problem

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any solution here? having same problem on my iphone, on shopify POS app. But able to work on my ipad Shopify POS app