Why does price override in the cart only work for single items?

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When you override a price in the shopping cart one would expect that to be the price of each of those items in the cart. But NO!


It only works if you are selling one of those items. If you are selling multiples of the item and expect it to logically function you will be sadly mistaken and wind up losing a LOT of money


Example. We had a sale where the items were on sale from $5.99 to $3.00  we did a price override for the item marking it $3 expecting as one would that the price for each of those items would be $3. But when we increased the number of that item sold to the customer the total remained at $3 and the price of each dropped! So instead of this line item calculating to $33 it stayed at $3 and those 11 items were marked them all down to $.27 making the total of those items only $3!


This is not how that should work. A price override should be on the eaches level and NOT on the total amount for that item. Who the heck does math like that!? 


Needless to say this rather costly experience has taught us to NEVER EVER use price override in the POS. Don't fall for Shopify's faulty logic here.

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Any work around or resolution for this?  I also am having challenges on this very topic!

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There is no solution for this. Shopify's solution is the remove the price override from the POS app.
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Shpify POS sucks.