Why is my POS app lagging during checkout?

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We went live in our first Shopify POS location and have found out that Shopify POS app has lot of lag when initiating the checkout process, sometimes it takes up to a minute to load the payment options section. The workaround is to restart Shopify POS app, then it works ok for few times. And then the issue comes back again.


iPad's are used, latest iPadOS version and Shopify POS app version are used. Reset of Shopify POS app and restarting the iPad and router does not help. Shopify Support has been contacted but issue is not yet solved. 


Just wondering if other merchants have this issue and is there a solution?

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Same issue here. We will need to go offline for the payment option screen to appear. Seems like this is a software issue rather than a hardware problem as I notice other people are also experiencing the same issue.