Why is my POS session history missing on certain days?

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 This has happened more than once.

After opening a pos tracking session, setting the cash float and all the usuals. When we pack the location down we do not turn off the ipad or shut it down. We get home and then being the close down for end of day sales.for card and cash payments. June 11th was a busy day but   there's no trace of it.


When we got home, the end session was not there. So we could not do a cash count for the end of the day as there was no seasion open.


There was no session history for the 11th either.  Customer  and Retail support have both been utterly useless  suggesting I turn  it off and on again.  After 3hours on the phone today I was told to update the pad.. which is already on the latest version.


Can someone please help with this as shopify support has come back with nothing of value.


Ipad and pos all up to date.internet was stable. Session was started in the morning as normal.

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My POS keeps ending the tracking session too. It isn't deleting the orders or transaction history but there is no reciept cash out for my team to print. I have to manually add cash sales to see how much should be taken out of the drawer.