Why is my POS system not calculating multiple item totals correctly?

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Hi all,

In the past few weeks we have found some new issues in our POS system. I believe this started with the new update of 7.2 or even 7.3.1. Can't nail that down. The issue: we can add 2 or more items of the same product to the POS shopping cart and everything adds up properly.


When you tap "checkout" you are brought to the Order Summary page. This is where everything falls apart. The Order Summary is not calculating the line item totals correctly. Instead of the system taking the price per item x 2 (or more), it is just considering that product as a single product.   For example: When you add 2 one pound bags of Costa Rica coffee to the cart, each bag is $22 for a total cart of $44. The cart shows this correctly. After going to the next page, the order summary page, the line item is only showing $22 for the Costa Rica and not multiplying the cost x number of bags in the cart.


I have zipped some photos. Please tell me if other people are having the same issue.




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