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Why is the Bluetooth receipt printer option grayed out on POS Go?

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So just got the new Go device.

They made the effort to have blue tooth on it.

But the selection for blue toothed receipt printers is grayed out.

Called support. Apparently they know but won't say if there going to fix it.

So if your currently using an ipad and have a blue tooth thermal it will NOT work with the new device.


Sounds like they are trying to get you to buy another printer to me.



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Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi Justin, Support for Bluetooth receipt printers was an item we spent extensive time digging into. We understand your frustration. Unfortunately since POS Go is a PCI certified payment device, certain PCI requirements limit the ability to support Bluetooth peripherals that do not meet a specific security requirement. The vast majority of Bluetooth receipt printers in the market, including the ones we have sold and supported up to now, do not satisfy these requirements. We are considering adding support for a new Bluetooth printer that do satisfy these requirements. We will also continue to monitor changes to PCI that may allow us to add support to these existing printers in the future.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Your currently using bluetooth card readers to connect to apple and droid devices which in turn will connect to a bluetooth printer.

Exactly how is this different?


If it was a security flaw there would be no reason to have blue tooth on the device.

I can turn it on and other devices can discover it.



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Horse before the cart. Shopify developers are short sighted and apparently bound by their marching orders. It appears there are solutions, but Shopify does not want to implement.

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Are you saying with the POS Go that you cannot print a receipt at all unless it's a printer that is plugged into your wifi router?  If that's the case then why have a device that is handheld?  Thanks

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No, the blue tooth printer that we used with a our ipad won't work with the new device even though the device has bluetooth.