Re: Draft order issues after recent update

Why is the draft order option not working properly after recent update?

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Our sales associates use the "draft order" option when customers are still shopping in the store. Since the last updated (a few days ago) this is no longer working properly. They can only save one cart at a time and can not go back to edit it nor can they add items with discounts. Has anyone found a work around? 

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Hi, @kids-anthem. I'm happy to take a look into this with you. I just have a few questions to ensure I'm giving you accurate advice. Can you tell me more about the workflow your sales associates use? Are you managing all of this within the POS app or are you using Draft orders within the Shopify admin? Also, what is happening when your customers try to take the actions you mentioned? Are you seeing any error messages or is the option simply not available? Once I have more information I can make some suggestions to help going forward.

Erin | Shopify 
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Hi Erin. There are several other community forum posts outlining various merchants workflows (both on POS Lite and POS Pro) and all the ways that this new "save as draft order" feature on the POS is not working well, and we desperately want the original save cart feature reinstated. If you could please do what you can within your Shopify team and developers to signal boost these issues, we would all greatly appreciate it. 


Save Cart has long been heralded by Shopify itself as a core feature of the POS, I cannot believe how hard all of us merchants are having to work to explain why the save draft thing is not at all adequate as a replacement. As of today, quickly saving and retrieving a cart is literally listed on the Shopify POS App download page on the App Store as a "Checkout's Best Friend's" 5th bulleted feature, which is false advertising. And this blog post titled "How to Serve Multiple Customers Effectively with Saved Carts" from Apr 2022 sings its praises as being quick and easy, and speeding up customer transactions. We have used it for years, and incorporated it into our workflow and retail staff training. The new Save as Draft Order feature requires several more (not at all intuitive) clicks including a contact form, cannot be retrieved and re-saved via a home screen tile, cannot have discount codes added and re-saved, heck even the save function itself has to be access through a trash can symbol (which is baffling from a UX design perspective). These draft orders cannot be deleted on POS, so they clog up the back-end admin draft order section. It's a nightmare, and we were not adequately warned. The email we received Feb 29 did not explicitly warn us that the save cart feature was being sunsetted, it only referred to the ability to no save draft orders, and that's all the Changelog said as well. 

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I want to hit thumbs up on this a hundred times.