Why is the product not listed when trying to make an exchange?

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I'm attempting to make an exchange but when I go into her order, click return on the item, click to add an exchange item, and search for the product, it's not listed. It's on my site, people have checked out with it, but why won't it show up for me to exchange? It's the exact same price point as everything else

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I have exactly the same problem too. It has been working ok the past few years but this last week or so it doesn't work any more. I don't know if its their latest updates that have messed it up.


I go to select the product to exchange and Shopify can't find it. In fact, whatever I enter, Shopify can't find it.


But Shopify can find everything okay through the normal order checkout.


It seems not to work on the exchange product search dialogue only.


I have tried all of Shopify's suggestions but nothing working.


iPad software updated, logged out, logged in, restarted ...everything. It's driving us crazy.


Has anyone found any solution?