Why isn't my Chipper 2X BT Card Reader appearing on iPad?

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We recently bought a Chipper 2X BT Card reader. We haven't been able to configure it because it won't show up on the list of readers on the iPad.

We  currently have an iPad 9th Gen, iOS 15.6.1 Ver.
Everything as shown on the troubleshooting and every other post we have read has been done, without success.

The device won't show up on the iPad Bluetooth available devices, nor on the Shopify POS Set up Hardware, Card Reader list.

We installed the bbpos app for the Chipper 2X to see if it would show up on the app, and it does show up, it reads the bluetooth signal, it even allow us to update its firmware. But it won't show up on the POS. 

We have already tried changing the country of the store to US, and it still won't let us set up the card reader. Cross Website Tracking, Test Mode been off since we opened our store.

We are starting to regret purchasing the Chipper 2X BT Card Reader. First it showed delivered since August 17, and USPS didn't deliver it till September 2nd. So we don't even know if this Chipper works or not thanks to the long delay, and we can't even return it since we are in a complete different country.


We talked with customer service, no solution at all, so we are stuck with a card reader that doesn´t work. 

We tried it with Android POS, and it won't show up either.

We don't know what to do anymore.


Some help would be great. We no longer know what to do.

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