Why the Shopify POS cannot apply BOGO Discount?

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Just over six months in with our Shopify POS and this problem is a big headache for us.  One of many Shopify headaches for Brick & Mortar stores now.  Why can't this issue be addressed years later?

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@Lizzy, this is a great solution if you have 5 customers a day...or if you only run Shopify POS in the Shopify test lab. But if you run a real retail shop this is not practical at all. I’d suggest @Shopify actually use their product in a real store with real customers so you can understand our real frustrations with the lame solutions you offer up to your customers. 
The silence on updates is a serious problem. The current version of your POS is literally a POS. We need help, we need dialog and we need real answers and we need to know if you are actually listening to us or are just playing the part. 

there are serious flaws and glaring omissions in the new POS that must be addressed immediately if you truly want to succeed. Please help us, please communicate with us. 

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I have been with Shopify POS for over 2 years.  And from the very beginning I asked about the BOGO discount applied online AND in store.  Nothing yet.   

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I would like to know why two years after this was post and a Shopify employee saying "We care so much about our customers and our development team is working on it" (Seem to be the standard BS response) this has not been fixed. And the real kick in the nuts from Shopify is that they are now charging us $89 to use the POS app!

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Also still looking for this!