Why won't my POS barcode scan with a leading zero?

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Hi there.


We have an issue with our POS system where we get a "Barcode not recognised" error if our EAN has a leading Zero. This is via the POS camera and our standalone scanner. 


The only way our retail team can sell is if we remove the leading zero from our EAN's. While this is a workaround it has a huge impact on other parts of our retail/wholesale business, not to mention our Google Feed not recognising EAN's as they no longer have a leading zero, etc...


Steps taken:

Updated app to the latest version.

Totally logged out, rebooted and logged back in.

Removed EAN's, saved, logged off app, full reboot, login and and then re-added EAN's.

Contacted Shopify support - case still open but to date they've been no help other than "update the app".

Ensured all products and variants are stocked/available in relevant locations and sales channels


Anyone experiencing similar or have a suggestion please do get in touch. We can't be the only store experiencing this issue.





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Having a similar issue. Would love to see a resolution. 

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Yes also having a similar issue.  When entering inventory, the scanner captures the whole UPC code including leading zeroes on the item, HOWEVER, when creating a new (draft) order, the UPC code scanned DROPS the leading zero on the scan forcing you to manually add it to the beginning of the scanned UPS code in order for the system to find the product.  


For example, a product UPC code is 019061098260 and upon scanning, the Create Order screen comes back with


But, if I  MANUALLY put a zero in front of that number, it will find the product.


Secondly, I was interested to see what it would do if I scanned a UPC that didn't start with a zero.  It scanned it with the same result as above...PRODUCT NOT FOUND.   Then I went to the "filter button" and selected bar code and had to re-scan in order for the product to be found.


Incidentally, if you do that process for UPC codes that start with a zero...go to the filter and select barcode, it will find the item, but again you have to scan, get the errror, select bar code on the filter button, and then rescan.


I don't think I should have to scan products TWICE.  Shopify should just default to barcode if the length is 12!  Is there a way to default the filter??