Re: Would like to set a sales price to start and end in the future

Would like to set a sales price to start and end in the future

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Hi, I'd like to set up a sale price in the future that begins and ends on certain dates without having to actually be in the Shopify app to set the price on that date.


I see how to set up a sale price by changing it in the UI, however it seems in doing it that way, the sale price is immediately posted to the site.


I want to preset the sales prices to go on automatically in the future (say next Saturday) that will run over the weekend (ending Sunday). Right now, my understanding of how to do that would imply I would need to go into Shopify on Saturday and set the new sale price, then go back in on Sunday and reset the price to the non-sale price.


Is there a way of setting the price up prior to those dates so that the price automatically switches to the sale price my sale date comes up?


As a follow up, I would like to bundle certain items together and offer a sale on those bundles (again, between certain live dates). How do I create bundles and then offer discounts? 



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Sorry you are facing this issue, it would be my pleasure to help you.

Welcome to the Shopify community!

Thanks for your good question.

For that you need a developer help, it's totally by the custom Code. it's feasible solution. 
We can help you on this. let me know if you need any help.

Thank you.

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Hi There,

Ahhh, a dev. I was hoping there would be a field I could click and set a
FROM and TO date.

Thanks for your offer to help, I'll have to think about it.
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Such a basic feature missing, for such a worldwide company? Come on guys, spend some dev time on it! 

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I am also looking for this feature, I have been running WooCommerce store and this is such a basic feature to add sale end date on a product but shopify lacks it.

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You can do all this:
But not set an end date on a discount?? lol. 


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Matrixify app (I'm not affiliated just a satisfied fan) allows you schedule
an import to do this. Check it out.
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Hey @SportsGuy 


Renars here from Matrixify app.

Thank you for suggesting the use of our app @hstb.


There indeed is no such field in Shopify Admin directly.
But if you are open to using apps then you can create an import that updates your Product prices and with our app schedule, such import top runs at a specific date and time in the future. So that way you schedule import to start when you wish for the sale to start, and another import when the sale should end with old prices.


Here we do have a great tutorial that explains how that could be set up in our app - Schedule Shopify Product price update.


If you have any more questions or issues along the way - please reach out to our support directly.

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My name is Alison, I'm the Customer Success Specialist for Ablestar Apps.  Our Ablestar Bulk Product Editor app allows you to both schedule an edit to start the sale, and then also schedule the undo of the edit to end the sale. You can read more about that here,


The Bulk Product Editor would not be able to help with bundles, but you can do something like that in Shopify by setting up an automatic discount.  There is a 'buy X get Y' option, and there is also an option to set up a discount if a customer buys a certain amount of specific products, or products from a specific collection.  When you set up an automatic discount, you can set both a start and end date for the discount.  The difference between an automatic discount and setting up a sale by changing a products' 'price' and 'compare at price' is that the products specified in an automatic discount wouldn't show as 'on sale'.  You could add them to a specific collection though, and then advertise the sale in the collection header.  When the products get added to the customers cart the discount would be applied.   You can read more about that here,


If you have any questions about the Bulk Product Editor you can reach us directly at







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What would be your price to develop this?

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Simply use this free app: Rockit Sales Discount

It allows you to schedule sales for a specific time. The price automatically reverts after the sale. Plus, there are tons of cool features.


I'm not affiliated. Just like the app! 🙂

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