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hi all,

we are working on designs for website for a few month now and suddenly i learn that we have a 1000 limit a day uploading? what is this about and maybe someone knows a selution for this 

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We just ran into it too, and I'm pretty annoyed, especially I'm using Advanced Shopify. 

HEY SHOPIFY!!!!  Can we get a response please?!?!  I run a custom furniture store with well over 20,000 sku (when you take all the variants into account).  I would love to hear an explanation of why you think this limit is a good idea. 

Why is this a problem you ask? For example, I just got a 7% surcharge from my largest builder, what used to take a day to update (in 999 chunk batches) will now take 4 days.  Everything I sell before that's completed I will lose margin on.