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422 error fulfilling one-time and subscription products with a shopify fulfillment API

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Problem recap: For one-time and subscription orders (subscription via Smartrr shopify app), the  Shopify API that our warehouse uses (Veracore) returns a 422 error code when trying to write back to Shopify with order fulfillment. 
What we've tried so far:  The API Shopify community forum was helpful but the only article on this topic pertains to GraphQL users who use the Admin API. Veracore (the system our 3PL uses to connect to Shopify) does not use GraphQL, it uses the Admin API. 
Why this matters: This is an important issue for us because when orders cannot be fulfilled in Shopify, customers are left in the dark about shipping updates and other important post-purchase communication. Plus it creates a confusing situation on the admin side with orders that are fulfilled, showing as unfulfilled. 
Shopify'support's response: 

Of the 422 Error/Veracore:

The information provided comes specifically from API response status and error codes. In this instance, the error has been identified and is related to an issue with the code developed by Veracore. As this API error is identified it is not related to Shopify's API functionality. As Veracore is the developer of the code, they would have the best insight to the implementation in your shop. As Shopify Support, we do not support developed code of this nature directly.  Here is a list of additional resources that you can pass along to Veracore for reference.


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Hey @Rosella-Stix ,


Orders that contain both subscription + one time purchase products will typically result in separate fulfillmentOrders for each kind of product. If your integration is sending a single payload and not accounting for the separate fulfillmentOrders on the order they are trying to fulfill, the system will respond with a 422.


I would advise you check back in with VeraCore and have them query the orders that they are encountering the 422 error on. If the orders match the criteria I mentioned above (in terms of having more than 1 fulfillmentOrder) then they will need to revise their payloads accordingly.

Graham S | API Support @ Shopify
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