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Abandoned checkouts and postbacks from local payment method

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We have a local payment option where many payments are completed but the user does not return to the shopify window again. Before being posted to the gateways window, I can see there is an abandoned checkout in Shopfify. When the user have paid but never returns, the order is still not created and still it is shown as an abandoned checkout. 

The solution should be very simple, when the gateway completes the payment they can send me a webhook with some information. I can then use the Shopify API to create an order from the content of the abandoned checkout. But is that the right way to do it ?

1. I can't see that I can get content on a single checkout without looping though all of them.
2. How can I be sure that if I get the webhook first and create an order, that Shopify don't create an order just after if the user did come back to shoppify?

I know that the gateway is using the form post so Shopify post data to the gateway. The gateway does not create an order and just postes back to shopify when the payment have finished (and the user is still in the browser).  

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