Access unit_price and unit_price_measurement via REST API

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Price Per Unit is an exclusive feature implemented for France and Germany.

I went through guideless ^ and was able to define the unit price via the user interface. Now, I want to download these data via REST API. Is it accessible there? Precisely,  is a price per unit (unit_price and unit_price_measurement) exposed via REST API or GraphQL? I can't see it as a variant property.

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This was already sent up as a request to the feature requests backlog.

We'll see how that develops as the dev and product teams have to weigh up the PPU API factors of viability, global demand, feasibility, system stability, all moving parts, and so on and so forth...

It may be a yay or a nay. Drücke die Daumen!

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glad you are already looking into this. I need this feature urgently as well, so sending a plus one on the feature request.

Without API access to the unit price feature my customer can not use Shopify for their online store (as said before, it's a legal requirement to show the unit price in Germany and setting it manually for thousands of products is not an option).

All the best, kind regards!

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Hey @Josh,

do you have any news here? We urgently need these fields in the API


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Hey Folks! 

I have a quick request for you guys: and that is, in order to fully understand your need, please fill out my quick questions below so that I can forward it to our product and developer teams. Please note that in order to be successful your feature request needs to have a good use-case, to be feasible, doable, non-costly, necessary from a business perspective, and a common request amongst many or the majority of merchants globally. I will then forward these on:

  • A clear problem description and its use-case:


  • Any current workarounds:


Gabe | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hey @Gabe 

Renars here from Matrixify app.

  • A clear problem description and its use-case:

Merchants are using our app to bulk import and export data from their Shopify store.
There are many cases where this is needed by merchants.

1. Mainly - the ability to bulk update this data.

Same as with other fields, the ability to bulk update it becomes crucial when the store has over a few hundred products.

2. Import this data when migrating from another platform to Shopify.

Other platforms, especially more custom ones, also have this data. But when the merchant is migrating to Shopify, there is no current way to migrate also the unit_price and unit_price_measurement fields into Shopify.

3. Duplicate, clone, or synchronize Shopify stores.

A lot of users use our app to duplicate, clone, or automatically sync their Shopify stores, and as it is from Shopify to Shopify then it should be expected that all Products data can be migrated over, but these details are missing from the migration/synchronization.

4. Synchronize data from suppliers.

Specific suppliers provide these details in their product files.
Merchants use our app to create automated, semi-automated, or manual imports from supplier data to Shopify, but these fields still need to be set manually in the admin.

5. Custom reports.

This data is also needed for custom reports that merchants can create using our app by exporting Orders or Products.

  • Any current workarounds:

At the moment, our app does not support the ability to import or export these fields which leads to frustration from merchants as they need to manually enter this data in Shopify Admin.
There are no workarounds for this, so we have no way to eliminate this frustration for our Merchants and Agencies.


I hope this information from us helps to implement the ability to read/write this data via the Shopify REST API or GraphQL.

Matrixify | Bulk Import Export Update | |
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That's great thanks a bunch Renars! @Renars 

Gabe | Social Care @ Shopify
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Amazing that Shopify makes us write an essay like we are twelve years old, to have a couple of values they have supported for many years (in Euroland anyway)... Seriously fun stuff. Like the API team has to scratch their heads at how to unleash the hounds on 2 values per variant.

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We simply (and almost all other German Customers, because it it the law) need the Funktion to Edit the Base Price Flag & Base Price Unit via the REST-API.

Thats all.

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Hi Gabe,

I'm seriously wondering what can be uncelar here ... the unit price fields are legally required for all merchants in Europe to be kept up to date. You will be sued in no time if anything is wrong with your unit prices - there are agencies who do nothing but banging on merchants who make a small mistake in this.

Currently it is utterly cumbersome to manually maintain this data across the product catalogue.

Apps like Matrixify have no chance to help us improve on the situation, because they can't access the fields... and the bulk editor in Shopify also doesn't offer editing them.

Then, on top of just maintaining the product catalogue for use in Shopify itself, you typically also want to populate your products catalogue to platforms such as Google, Facebook, Pinterest, etc etc etc... also for this purpose it is extremely useful if you can pull the product data via the API.


So PLEASE acknowledge that these fields are part of harsh legal requirements for your European merchants. 


ACTUALLY it is 4 fields that need to be made available:

  1. Total product measurement
  2. UOM for the total product measurement
  3. Base measure
  4. UOM for the base measure

as you can see in the screenshot below:

Bildschirmfoto 2021-10-21 um 00.18.35.png


Thank you & Best Regards


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At this point, I would like to agree with FabianPG and I would like to emphasize again that this is not a "nice-to-have" requirement, but a specific legal guideline within the EU:

Hopefully, the Shopify team can finally be convinced of the necessity of this request.