Accessing shopify store data via Admin API's

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Hello everyone, 

I have created custom application from partners dashboard and then I have created one dummy shopify store for testing which has few products. Now I am able to get product details after generating access token for accessing data via Admin API's I am referring this Now I am able to get data using this generated access token. Now lets say I want to access data of multiple shopify stores then for each store I need to have API credentials and then generate access token to get data for particular shopify store. In short if I have access to 10 shopif stores then I have generate 10 access token and then refresh them based on refresh tokens. Can this be avoided? Can I automate this process of access token generation for each shopify store? Is there any universal access token through which I can access shopify store data of any account given collaborator access? Is this possible? if not then any alternative solution possible? Please suggest.

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