Add a custom page to an online store with content from another site

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I still have not found clear direction on how to do the following...

  • For a Public app
  • Add a new page to an online store built dynamically by our server-side app according to merchant preferences stored in our database.
    • This is a shopper-facing page... not a merchant-facing page. 
    • This page would provide the UI for parts searches in our database (not Shopify products).
    • No Shopify merchant data is involved in building the page - i.e. no Shopify Admin API calls required.
    • Need to verify that the request comes from Shopify and identify the store without going through oAuth again (token stored during app install).
      • Q:  Is a session token the only way to do this?
      • Q: Is it required that this page be rendered in an iframe? 
        • If so, it seems that the iframe src should point to a loading page with javascript that...
          • loads App Bridge
          • gets the session token
          • redirects to the URL that verifies the token and renders the desired page.

Before I get into detailed questions about each step, am I at least on the right track with this or is there a better strategy?

Many thanks for any advice.

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