Add additional variable/information fields to product in API or CSV

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I need to add additional fields to a product (beyond the ones Shopify provides). Ideally, it would be some sort of key-value that I can add to a product via API or CSV and that I can later retrieve in my storefront and admin. Is there any way to do this? Are metafields the way to go? 

For example, I would like to add key-values for each product like: "marking-price-1-colors": "3", "marking-price-2-colors": "5" ... etc


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Hey @apiexplorer ,

Metafields would indeed be the best way to do this. You can assign Metafields at the product level or variant level.

The Metafield structure is already in key/value format.  It also supports namespaces so you can have identical key names in different namespaces (e.g. facebook.category, google_shopping.category).

You can also use raw JSON strings for the Metafield value for more flexibility (e.g. nested data structures)

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