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Add multiple images to specific variant

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I need to add multiple images to a specific variant. Is there any approach how I can do this??  However, in Documentation it only shows for an image not multiple.

Actual Endpoint that supports only to add an existing image to an existing variant:

PUT /admin/api/2020-04/variants/808950810.json
  "variant": {
    "id": 808950810,
    "image_id": 562641783

Looking forward to your help and advice!

Thank you a lot!

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Hi @Anonymous,

Thank you for taking the time!

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@helidonaYou are welcome.


If you have any custom development let me know. We provide shopify api tools

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Hello @Anonymous 


I want to add multiple images to specific variants, since I have lots of items to display but unfortunately my knowledge over coding is limited. Can you please assist me?

Thank you in advance