Add pickup point on orders checkout ?

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I have a iframe with map and pickup point, when my user select the one, i want add my pickup point id to the current order. Then i want get this pickup point id from the request /admin/api/#{api_version}/orders/#{order_id}.json.

Is this possible?

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Hi @destpat , 


This sounds like a perfect use-case for metafields. It wouldn't be available at /orders/#[id}.json, but would be available at /orders/#[id}/metafields.json instead.

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Is it still the case that MetaFields are the only way to store & Retrieve this Pickup information on an Order?  I was hoping that I could determine which Orders are Pickup vs Shipping by reading the "requires_shipping" field in the JSON at either the Order or Line level - but when we mark an Order for Pickup in Store, this field still appears as "true" which must mean that's not the intended usage.  Also, I was hoping the "origin_location" would reflect the Store that is selected for the customer to Pickup their Order, but that doesn't appear to be the case either.  Can anyone explain how (using either REST or GraphQL API) we can identify which Orders are Pickup vs Ship, and from where they should be Picked Up?  Thanks in advance for your assistance.