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we have built a private app and want to expose the app to the product availability list so that we can publish select which products get published to the app. This is not a sales channel app but just an app to publish product data.


My developer isn't sure how to do this. Any guidance would be appreciated.

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Hey @shauno123,


Products can only be published to sales channels, such as a sales channel app or any of Shopify's sales channels such as the Online Store, POS, etc. If your app is not a sales channel, then you won't be able to toggle product visibility to the app.


Can you clarify what your app is doing exactly? Is it used to update information on existing products, or publish existing products to other sales channels?

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Hi - We have installed a public app - Devart, which is an integation app which allows direct querying of the Shopify DB and to run reports from Excel.


As far as I can see Devart is not a sales channel but it is listed on the product availability list in our store.


So I am trying to understand how the Devart app is able to be listed on product availability if it is not a sales channel.





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How about private apps?

Can I select some products (not all) to some private apps?