Adding delivery 'pickup locker' option to the checkout

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I am working on developing an app with a third party service that delivers parcels to a locker near the customer's location. The customer then enters a code into the locker and picks up their parcel - simple, and this kind of thing has been around for a while, however I am struggling to figure out how to do this with Shopify's app api.

I have looked into "Local pickup", however I do not believe this is what I need - firstly because there doesn't even appear to be an API for this, and also this is more used for local stores that can 'reserve' the product for the customer, which is a little different to my case.

I have no problems interacting with the third party locker API, and when I send that API a random address, I receive the locker locations within a given radius near that address. My problem is that I have no clue how to display that as a dropdown list at checkout, since I can't find any way to 'hook' into the checkout to display what I need. When the customer enters their address, I need my custom dropdown to appear with a list of locker locations.

Do I need to build an entire custom checkout just to achieve this, or is there a way to do this via the Shopify api? 

FYI, I am completely new to Shopify however I have worked with custom checkout solutions in Wordpress and Magento.

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You can load a popup, from there you can list your locations, the user will pick one, then update the fields from checkout and the customer can continue the checkout.