Adding Products with API , EAN,SKU,and price do not pass to shopify

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Good Morning.

I'm trying to add portoducts in shopify via API.

Using this call :

"product": {
"title": "{Item}",
"body_html": "<strong>{Item}</strong>",
"vendor": "{Manufacturer}",
"product_type": "{Category}",
"tags": [

I Need to add also "Sku" , "price" ,"EAN" , "Weight"

If i do code like this. the info  "Sku" , "price" ,"EAN" , "Weight" are not passed to shopify.

"product": {
"title": "{Item}",
"body_html": "{Item}",
"vendor": "{Manufacturer}",
"product_type": "Sedie Gaming",
"price": "{Price}",
"Variant sku": "{SKU}",
"Variant Barcode": "{EAN}",
"tags": "Sedie Gaming, Computeruniverse, {manufacturer}",
"Variant Grams": "{Weight}",
"Variant Inventory Qty": "{in stock (external)}",
"Cost per item": "{Price}",
"Collection": "Sedie Gaming",
"published": false

Someone handled this problem before??

Thanks in Advance.