Admin API - send_receipt & send_fulfillment_receipt not working

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Hey there!

I've been running into an issue where send_receipt & send_fulfillment_receipt on POST /admin/orders.json does not seem to have any effect.

In my case, orders created via the API always send emails regardless of having this within the payload.

  send_receipt: false, // Doesn't work
  send_fulfillment_receipt: false, // Doesn't work

As per the documentation is should default to false anyway...

In that a known issue? Am I missing something?


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Kevin, turns out that having the storefront api enabled on your app makes the api ignore the `send_receipt` & `send_fufillment_receipt` flags. Don't ask me why, only solution I found was to turn off the storefront api on my private app.

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I tried your solution of turning off the storefront API. It makes no difference. 

send_receipt - sends emails

send_fufillment_receipt - does not send emails

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Interestingly, I just had a bug that involved duplicate confirmations being sent when we created an order via API and also had the Storefront API enabled.  Sure enough, disabled the Storefront API and viola.   Never even crossed my mind to try that, this is clearly a bug...


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This is still a bug.  Will anyone at Shopify ever look at this and fix.  Its a huge obstacle for importing historical orders that include the customer's email.