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I have a site that sells in the US and Australia. I would like to setup Afterpay (I have an Afterpay account) in Australia and the USA so that if someone changes the currencies to AUD or US then Afterpay will be available.

It says in the Afterpay guidlines:

🇺🇸 (For the US) Select ‘Afterpay North America’ from the dropdown options.
🇦🇺 (For AU/NZ) Select ‘Afterpay’ from the dropdown options.

Can you install both so it works how I mentioned above?

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I am trying to do the same thing for a client. So far, no luck as it doesn't seem to be a consideration AfterPay has made.

I tried installing both versions of AfterPay and it did install, however testing a payment resulted in that being a dead end. They only allow the corresponding version of AfterPay that matches your store address and default currency. But that's unhelpful when you use multi-currency.

I'll be following this thread!

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I am in the same situation! I had to open 2 shopify accounts.  I now have the problem of having to upload stock to both sites and maintain 2 sites.

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Hi everyone,

Me too. I'm getting told by AfterPay that I need 2 instances of my website, one in US and one in AU dollars to serve both. Is that actually feasible (from a financial/hosting/management/SEO) perspective?

The reason I went for it in the first place was that it was popular in Australia. My store is in US dollars and it's attached to my accounting system. Just seems like a lot of hassle when PayPal serves me in multiple currencies for now. A real shame. I wonder if Klarna can do multi-currency...